Custom skid solutions.

Skid is a self-contained process system that has been built into a frame or “module” for easy transportation and integration. Modular process skids can contain entire process systems or individual process applications, including, power generation, compressors, pumping systems, control panels, electrical substations, switchboards, pipe manifolds, batch mixing or blending, delayed differentiation, Chemical injection, metering systems, desalination, solvent recovery, and small-scale distillation etc.

Skids offer a unique mix of flexibility, repeatability, quality, and robustness that traditional stick-build process systems cannot compete with. Manufactured skids, or modular transportable systems have numerous advantages in many different sectors and industries for the following reasons.

  • Shorter Project Timelines –fabricating process skid packages offsite allows on-site facility upgrades to proceed concurrently without interruption. Completing these steps in parallel can eliminate months off the project schedule.
  • Higher Quality Fabrication – Fabricating skids in a controlled workshop environment eliminates weather-related risks and setbacks. Materials can be better protected because there is no need for onsite welding, drilling, and cutting which would damage the protective coatings
  • Reduced on site costs- For remote locations it reduces the time required on-site which means less travel, less accommodation, and less people required to attend site, less delays waiting for parts or due to adverse environmental conditions etc.
  • Reduced Injury risk- It reduces the need for tradespersons to perform difficult tasks such as overhead welds, working at heights or working in confined spaces plus it allows to use more automated machinery in a controlled environment which can eliminate the need to put people in harm’s way.
  • Rollout Savings – multiple skids across different locations can leverage engineering and design costs from the first skid and fabricate multiple replicas at a reduced cost for each skid thereafter.
  • Reduced environment impact- due to less transportation, less packaging, efficient manufacturing methods, less energy, more efficient energy ie no temporary generators.
  • Ease of Commissioning- items can be fully tested as a system prior to dispatch.

The following industries and sectors use skids pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer products, mining, agriculture, marine, utilities, construction, chemicals, oil and gas because they can bring their product to market faster, cheaper and with less hassle. If you work in one of these industries, chances are you’ve heard the term skids.

At Centralian Controls, we can design, manufacture, and assemble skids for a variety of purposes across a range of industries that can meet all required standards for the application ie wind loading, hazardous area, environmental protection, structural, energy/renewables etc.

Centralian Controls have had over 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture, factory acceptance testing of thousands of quality skids which have been installed in some of the world’s harshest and challenging environments for tier one companies to the owner-operator so we are sure we can build a skid solution to meet your needs whatever it might be for any condition or application that is required. Because Centralian Controls is also a representative or distributor more many of the major brands of equipment utilised in a skid it gives you peace of mind that we know the products and how best to use them to ensure you obtain the best value for money everytime.

We can build skids that include:

  • Wellhead metering and control skids
  • Custody transfer meter skids
  • Pressure regulation (fuel / sales gas) skids
  • Well test skids (e.g., separator, MPV)
  • Compressor gauge panel skids
  • Production separator skids
  • Remote telemetry/IIOT/Wireless/Satellite communications systems
  • Chemical dosing
  • Pump stations
  • Switchboards
  • Control Panels
  • Substations
  • Pneumatic control panel skids (e.g., CFT and fusible loop)

Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Supply, manufacturing, packaging for transport, and assembly
  • Equipment selection and design
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Asset management diagnostics and reporting
  • Desktop radio path survey testing and analysis
  • VSD harmonic analysis and mitigation
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Documentation package and as-built drawings
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