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Leverage the power of automation and digital technology.

RTU’s are used in a variety of applications across many sectors. Applications include remote monitoring and control of fixed asset such as wellheads, valve stations, tank farms, cathodic protection sites, custody transfer metering stations, transmission pipelines, power generation and compression facilities, just to name a few.

An increased need for operational efficiencies, asset optimisation, safety, environmental protection and compliance are key across all industries. As such, the reliance on real-time data and analysis is ever increasing. This ability to provide accurate, real-time data enables management, engineering and maintenance teams to make better, more informed decisions relating to both the asset and resources.

RTU’s also enable local historical data logging, providing an onsite record in the event of communications failures, with the ability to “backfill” data within SCADA once site communications has been restored

Several practical considerations must be taken into account when choosing an RTU system to deliver benefits. Key features required in an RTU are –

  • Resilience to the site environment.
  • An ability to operate with minimal drain on local power resources.
  • Flexibility with respect to I/O, communications and possible future expansion, along with the processing power required to perform complex process control algorithms reliably and autonomously.

It is also beneficial that an RTU has extensive diagnostics capability and a low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), to reduce the time required for technicians to spend on site, in the unlikely event of a failure, once again improving operational efficiency, productivity and personnel safety.

RTU’s offer a solution to many of the common issues facing asset owners and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in greater detail.

A partnership with Centralian Controls offers:

A Proven Track Record

Centralian Controls have been providing RTU’s packages to the Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years. Our large installed base of RTU’s (1500+ units), are installed and operating in some of the harshest environments found anywhere in the world.

Our systems are backed by a team that understands your industry and who collaborates with stakeholders, engineers, and field technicians every step of the way. Centralian Controls are also the principal’s representative or distributors for most of the components installed within your RTU package. Once again providing peace of mind as part of an “end to end” solution.


You need a proven RTU that can withstand the extremes. Whether that be boiling heat, freezing cold or whatever else mother nature may throw its way, your RTU should continue to operate reliably as planned. Centralian Controls has the products, team and experience to design and package your system.

Power Efficiency

Low power consumption is key. RTU’s offer many benefits, leading to savings associated with power system design, equipment, packaging and site installation considerations. All of which are extremely important factors when it comes to the monitoring and control of remote assets.

SCADA Integration

Chances are, you may already have a SCADA system. Selecting the correct RTU to integrate seamlessly with your operation, suiting both your current and future needs is important. We understand and have the resources, products and experience to deliver.

Why Centralian?

A partner who listens to your specific application and RTU requirements.

A team that is ready to work with you to deliver a personalised solution, no matter how complex the application or remote the site may be.

A partner who can offer a tailored training package, to ensure you achieve the best result from both your investment and people, long into the future.

Comprehensive support throughout the life cycle of your product, with local and factory backed resources.

Centralian Controls has the long term, proven experience and expertise to help companies monitor and control what matters most – Your Asset.

Our services include but aren’t limited to:


  • Equipment selection and design.
  • Supply, manufacturing and assembly.
  • Factory acceptance testing.
  • Transport preparation and packaging.
  • SCADA implementation and training


  • Telemetry systems wireless, IIOT, Radio
  • OT cyber security
  • Desktop radio path survey testing and analysis.
  • VSD harmonic analysis and mitigation.
  • Solar and battery power solutions
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