Network Penetration Testing

Uncover Vulnerabilities Before Attackers Do

In today’s cyber security landscape, the question is not if an attack will happen but when. That’s why proactive network penetration testing is not just a good idea—it’s a necessity.

Why Choose Network Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing provides a critical line of defence for your organisation. By actively simulating realistic attack scenarios, you get to see your network through the eyes of an attacker. This unique perspective allows you to pinpoint vulnerabilities that might be missed by traditional defensive measures, ensuring you stay a step ahead of potential breaches.

Versatile Testing Environments

Whether you’re looking to assess internal or external network environments, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Pre- and post-breach simulations can be conducted at any time, providing you with a versatile approach to cyber resilience.

Expert-Led Services

Our team consists of certified professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field. Holding a diverse range of certifications—including CISSP, eCPPT, OSCP, OSCE, and CEH—our consultants have successfully conducted hundreds of security assessments across multiple industries.

Penetration testing is not just a security measure, it’s a reality check for your network defences. It reveals not only the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’ of potential breaches, giving you a chance to pre-emptively strengthen your barriers before they are truly tested.


While the specifics of our testing procedures remain confidential and proprietary, we follow a comprehensive, multi-step approach to thoroughly evaluate your network’s security. Below are the general stages we employ:

  1. OSINT Gathering: The team gathers publicly accessible information from the internet that could be instrumental for a successful breach. This includes, but is not limited to, employee names and email addresses.
  2. Host Discovery: Active systems and open ports within the target environment are located through advanced host discovery techniques.
  3. Enumeration: Our experts enumerate services and systems to extract potentially useful information, including detailed vulnerability assessments.
  4. Exploitation: Using the information amassed from public intelligence, host discovery, and enumeration, the team initiates specialised attacks on susceptible services. These attacks can range from password-based assaults to more complex methods like man-in-the-middle and relay attacks.
  5. Post-Exploitation: After securing initial access, we seek to escalate privileges and explore additional vectors of attack. We assess if further penetration into the system or access to sensitive data is achievable.
We Make Penetration Testing…
  • We deploy the latest technology that helps our team perform penetration testing more efficiently and we pass those savings to bring you pentesting at an affordable cost.
  • More penetration tests without breaking the bank.
  • Email and SMS notifications to stay in the loop during the penetration test.
  • Real-time tracking of attacks and findings.
  • Reports are available within 24 hours after a penetration test is complete.
  • Move beyond compliance and meet industry best practices.
  • Stay in the know rather that hope for the best.
  • With regular testing options in addition to the regular, on-demand testing.


What is network penetration testing?

Network penetration testing is essentially a simulated cyberattack on your organisation’s network to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. The aim is to detect and remediate security gaps before they can be used against you, providing a proactive approach to your network’s security.

What is involved in a test?

A network penetration test involves multiple stages, ranging from initial reconnaissance to actual exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities. Activities include pinpointing security holes, exploiting authentication lapses, and exploiting other weak points like poor configurations. Once a vulnerability is successfully exploited, the next steps include elevating privileges and moving laterally through the network to identify sensitive information and other potential risks.

How does it differ from a vulnerability assessment?

While a vulnerability assessment simply catalogs existing vulnerabilities in your system, a network penetration test goes a step further by actively exploiting those vulnerabilities to understand their potential impact. Unlike vulnerability assessments, penetration tests mimic actual cyberattacks, allowing organisations to gain insights into what a successful exploit could entail, such as unauthorised access or data breaches.

What types of reports will be given to me?

You can expect to receive a multi-layered report at the end of a network penetration test, tailored for different audiences within your organisation. This typically includes an executive summary for leadership, a detailed technical report for your tech team, and a comprehensive list of identified vulnerabilities for remediation.

Do you need to be on our site to perform the test?

For external penetration tests, on-site presence is generally not required. The testing can be performed remotely with little to no disruption to your regular business operations. For internal tests, although it’s preferable to have physical access, remote testing is also possible. In such cases, you’d need to set up an Ubuntu VM based on provided guidelines, to enable us to conduct the test remotely.

How often should we conduct network penetration testing?

It’s advisable to perform network penetration tests at least annually to maintain a robust security posture. However, the frequency may vary depending on factors like regulatory requirements, the complexity of your network, or any significant changes to your infrastructure or applications. In some cases, organisations opt for continuous or quarterly testing to better adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber security threats.

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