Human Risk Management

Byte Guard: A Human-Centered Approach

Human First, Security Always.

In our increasingly interconnected world, cyber security is a pressing concern. Yet it’s not purely a technological issue—it’s fundamentally a human one. Byte Guard centres its approach on this crucial reality. By instilling a strong security culture that emphasises the ‘Human First, Security Always’ principle, we enable your workforce to become your organisation’s first line of defence. This proactive, security-conscious culture mitigates human errors, which are responsible for 82% of data breaches. With Byte Guard, cyber security becomes a shared responsibility that permeates your organisation from top to bottom.

“People often represent the weakest link in the security chain and are chronically responsible for the failure of security systems.”

  • Bruce Schneier

Security with Sophistication

Byte Guard’s platform, equipped with a medley of cutting-edge features, evolves in stride with the dynamic nature of cyber threats. It offers a cloud-based solution that puts forward a customisable array of phishing simulations and cyber security awareness training. What’s more, its engaging gamified learning modules transform the educational experience, making it both enjoyable and impactful. The platform’s smart capabilities facilitate proactive responses to suspicious emails, enabling the quarantine of threats and leveraging a diverse library of security content for continuous learning. With Byte Guard, your team is always prepared, always learning, and always a step ahead of the cyber threats.

Key Features

Knowledge Armour

Byte Guard’s Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations empower your employees with the know-how to identify and neutralise cyber threats. The engaging, immersive learning environment imparts practical, real-world knowledge to fortify your organisation’s first line of defence.

Detection and Response

With Byte Guard, employees can actively participate in securing the organisation by reporting suspicious emails via the Phishing Reporting feature. With seamless integration with O365 or Google Workspace, our Phishing Remediation mechanism efficiently hunts down and eliminates genuine phishing threats, fortifying your email security.

Resourceful Library

Byte Guard houses a comprehensive library of resources meticulously vetted by seasoned professionals in cyber security education and field operations. The content, showcasing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), is customisable to match your organisation’s needs, delivering a truly personalised learning experience.

Engaging Gamification

Byte Guard believes in learning through play. Our gamified approach to cyber security education encourages active participation, ensuring that employees are fully engaged and retained in their cyber security training. This unique methodology makes learning complex concepts enjoyable and easily digestible.

Intelligent Analytics

With Byte Guard, gain full visibility of your organisation’s cyber security posture. Our platform offers detailed insights on breach-prone employees, departments, groups, and even at the organisational level. We go beyond standard click rate metrics, offering a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s vulnerability points.

Transparent Pricing

Byte Guard believes in easy, straightforward pricing. Our pricing is user-based, with no hidden or additional costs. Simplicity is key, so we have no complex, tiered pricing models. Moreover, we provide discounts based on the number of licenses, offering true value for your investment.

Compliance Confidence

Byte Guard is designed with the highest standards of compliance in mind. Adhering to global regulations such as SOC2, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, MAS-TRM, etc., our platform ensures that your cyber security training and practices are not just effective but also fully compliant with international legal and security standards. Trust Byte Guard to guide your organisation in maintaining compliance while fortifying its cyber security defences.

And More

Training certificates, SCORM compatibility, mobile app, and more. Byte Guard continues to evolve, adding more features and benefits to continually enhance your organisation’s cyber security resilience.

Managed vs Standalone

Byte Guard offers two distinct deployment options to suit your organisation’s unique security needs: Managed Service and Standalone Product. Our Managed Service is a comprehensive, set-and-forget solution fully managed by Centralian Controls’ team of experts, making it the perfect choice for organisations that prefer a hands-off approach to maintaining a robust security posture. This service covers everything from initial setup to ongoing monitoring and updates, providing a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, the Standalone Product option allows organisations with an internal security team to take advantage of Byte Guard’s extensive features on their own terms. Whether you opt for our Managed Service or Standalone Product, Byte Guard ensures that your team is prepared, informed, and resilient against evolving cyber threats.

A Powerful Partnership

Byte Guard embodies the fruitful amalgamation of Centralian Controls’ expertise and Right-Hand’s world-class proficiency. Centralian Controls, with its array of cyber security products and services and a deep understanding of the Australian landscape, seamlessly integrates with Right-Hand’s globally recognised cyber security infrastructure. This unique blend of global expertise and local insights gives birth to Byte Guard, a product designed to meet the unique demands of your organisation. Moreover, every piece of content within Byte Guard is meticulously managed and scrutinised by both parties, ensuring that you get a cyber security training program that is as bespoke and comprehensive as it gets.


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