Cathodic Protection

Protect metal pipelines and structures with cathodic protection to defend against corrosion.

Cathodic protection systems are complex and you need a consultant or fully trained person in the design, installation, operation and testing of these systems.

Cathodic protection systems are often used with structures like building reinforcement, buried metallic pipeline and cables.

Cathodic protection devices protect structures and metalwork from corrosion. They put the metal to be protected by a cathode element in an electric current which encourages corrosion in a less critical or cheaper, anode material.

These systems must be periodically tested and operated within specified electrical standards and limits.

The standard for cathodic protection, AS 2832 series (Cathodic protection of metals), must be adhered to in the system’s design and installation.

Some Regulations haves electrical limits of the voltage applied, the maximum current that can be used and changes in potential to ground.

Centralian Controls Cathodic Protection Packages offer superior application versatility and are designed to reduce costs associated with field deployment and onsite installation activities.

System design and component selection is undertaken by Centralian Controls industry qualified personnel, and is backed by years of experience gained from manufacturing industrial process control and instrumentation systems, primarily for the oil & gas, mining and utility sectors, ensuring our products offer long term reliability and performance.

Fully structural and wind-load engineered, each system is constructed to withstand extreme environments and rough transport corridors to site.

The modular design ensures packages can be readily coupled to meet increasing load requirements into the future.

Options Include:
  • Mains powered AC chargers.
  • Self-ballasted platform bases to suit flood-prone areas.
  • Interface to RTU / PLC hardware.
  • Satellite / Radio / 3G / 4G communications.

Centralian Controls undertakes comprehensive factory acceptance testing of each system, complete with documentation, using trained, qualified and licensed personnel, to ensure correct system operation prior to dispatch.

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