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Reliable and secure wireless communication systems.

Cellular broadband is faster and more pervasive than ever before which is great news for the wide area network (WAN). Based on 4G LTE and 5G technology, Wireless WAN is when an organization uses public or private cellular routers or adapters as WAN infrastructure for connecting people, places, and things anywhere. It’s the new wave of network transformation enabling connectivity to people, places, and things anywhere with greater simplicity, agility, and security.   Scalable cellular IoT connectivity solutions for IT teams and system integrators

There are significant reasons why your business should have wireless as part of your network solutions.

  1. Wireless WANs have integrated security capabilities beyond wired connections, including SIM card authentication and private APNs, which are carrier-provided private networks.
  2. Wireless broadband provides a diverse and protected connection that avoids challenges like backhoes and falling trees bring down lines. Further, with SD-WAN and QoS capabilities, organizations can precisely control network traffic while ensuring high availability.
  3. With cloud-managed wireless edge solutions, LTE and 5G are simple to deploy and easy to relocate. Cloud managed routers and adapters can be effortlessly moved to a new room or site without the pain and expense of pulling new outside cable.
  4. Cellular-based connectivity goes farther faster than many types of wired connections – especially since the arrival of Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G. These fiber-like speeds help accelerate innovation and expansion of all types of business.

Our wireless, radio, telemetry and IIOT products offer solutions for data transmissions, monitoring and control for most types of equipment, solving the issue of not being able to cost-effectively send information by other means—and allowing you to make more informed business decisions which can add value to your business or client.

With a full range of products, we can help you safely and reliably use wireless technology to accomplish even your most critical needs. These products can be used in a wide variety of applications, including water and wastewater, oil and gas, mining, environmental, electrical utilities, renewables, retail, agriculture, food and beverage, education, farming, defence, space, and industrial automation.

Our team can deliver scalable wireless IoT connectivity solutions for IT teams and system integrators using product solutions from basic point-to-point or meshing to large-scale infrastructure deployments. We cover all applications from the sensor to the control room and can conduct studies to determine and recommend the right solutions for your business.

Our products include but aren’t limited to: 

  • ELPRO Industrial IoT Connectivity
  • ELPRO Wireless Input/Output (I/O) Device & Modules
  • ELPRO Industrial Wireless Gateways
  • ELPRO Industrial Flood Monitoring and Alert Systems
  • ELPRO Wired Networking
  • ELPRO Industrial Wireless Accessories
  • Cradle point Enterprise Routers
  • Cradle point virtual Routers
  • Cradle point LTE Adaptors
  • Cradle point 5G Wideband Adaptors
  • Cradle point private networks
  • Antenna’s
  • Made to order cables and leads.

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