Valves and Actuators

Every plant has a variety of processes and applications that need to be controlled, monitored and protected.  In order to do so, a range of various Valves, Actuators and Instruments are required and need to be engineered to suit each individual application and to operate in unison.

Choosing the right control element is important.  At Centralian Controls, we engineer every valve and actuator for the service it is to be used in.  Our factory trained engineers review the process conditions for every application, to ensure the right solution is offered to the customer.

We do this in proud partnership with our principals.  With the backing of industry leaders such as Fisher Controls, Crosby, Anderson-Greenwood, Birkett, BettisTM, VirgoTM, ASCO and others it is easy to see how Centralian Controls offer valve and actuator solutions that are second to none.

Control Valves

Centralian Controls’ engineers know that different types of control valves are designed to work in different applications. Control valves also need to be matched to the right instruments to provide accuracy and responsiveness.

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