Pipeline Leak Detection

ATMOS – Detect pipeline leaks with ease.

We provide pipeline leak detection systems, theft detection systems and simulation technology to help you ensure any leak is detected reliably and located accurately, giving you peace of mind and helping you effectively manage critical pipeline infrastructure.

Our team knows that many variables can affect the performance of a pipeline’s leak detection system. It’s why we offer a complete range of hardware and software solutions to optimise the detection and location of ruptures, leaks and product thefts.

These products detect leaks and alert operators of even the smallest escapes, enabling you to quickly solve leaks while minimising environmental impact, avoiding negative press, and saving valuable time and money.

Providing pipeline leak detection, theft detection and simulation technology to the oil, gas, aviation, chemical, water and mining & slurry industries.

Many variables can affect the performance of a pipeline’s leak detection system. We understand this and that’s why we offer a complete range of hardware and software solutions to optimize the detection and location of ruptures, leaks and product thefts on any pipeline.

We continuously innovate in pursuit of perfect tools to immediately detect every drop that escapes any pipeline. The services that we create and deploy are testament to our creativity and evolution through excellence.

Pipeline leaks can have serious consequences including threats to human safety, damage to the environment, property and reputation, not to mention the financial loss through fines and clean-up costs.

For maximum efficiency it’s important that pipeline operators have a leak detection system (LDS) that they can rely on and ensure that they can detect leaks quickly, locate leaks accurately, issue minimal false alarms, be easy to retrofit, work effectively under all operating conditions and use sensors with high reliability and low maintenance.

Since its release as the first statistical corrected volume balance system in 1995, Atmos Pipe has been at the forefront of leak detection technology. However, we recognise that one size does not fit all industries and as a result we provide multiple leak detection systems to suit any pipeline or industry.

Pipeline theft and vandalism can lead to the loss of millions of dollars of revenue each year, loss of lives due to safety breaches such as explosions, environmental damage if product is spilled and left undetected and reputational damage, which can take years to recover from.

Pipeline thieves are often experienced and using sophisticated equipment and methods to avoid being identified. The size and duration of each theft are usually kept below the flow meter detection limit, making it extremely difficult for flow balance-based methods to detect the theft.

It’s now more important than ever for pipeline operators across all industries to use reliable and sensitive theft detection in order to minimize product loss and limit the potential damages.

As a pipeline operator you need the information to be able to quickly respond to ongoing changes in supply and demand. As well as monitoring these behaviours, there’s also a need to bring cost efficiencies and ensure that all pipelines are running safely.

Atmos Simulation Suite has a range of powerful and user-friendly tools to assist operators in monitoring their pipelines. We use a unique state estimator to provide robust, reliable and accurate on-line simulation results. It minimizes the effect of measurement errors by using confidence levels in individual meters. This is especially useful for large pipeline networks.

Many customers across the oil, gas, chemical and water industries have benefited from the Atmos Simulation suite of services.

Atmos SIM Lookahead modelling

It is safer and faster to test future scenarios using a simulation than it is to try it on the pipeline itself. Lookahead models provide an early warning of any undesired conditions that may occur on the pipeline so preventive actions can be taken.

The Atmos SIM Lookahead module allows the user to define an unlimited number of cases including supply interruption survival time, compressor failure, unexpected demand and nominations validation.

It’s essential for pipeline operators to have a clear view of how the operation of their pipeline is affecting the business overall. There are financial, efficiency and safety issues to take into consideration, as well as commitments to customers.

These commitments include being able to schedule the products to arrive in a timely fashion, give accurate product arrival time and ensure product quality.

Atmos Operations Management suite offers a range of solutions to provide a clear dashboard of information to the pipeline operator by interfacing with existing DSC and SCADA system.

Hydrant leaks can have serious consequences such as fuel contamination, damage to people, property, and the environment, and lost revenue.

A sensitive leak detection system is needed to rigorously test these hydrants in accordance with best engineering practices in the shortest time possible, to minimize disruption of flight operations in both commercial and military airports.

Following project completion, it’s important to monitor for any changes that may occur in the pipeline and ensure your leak detection system is always running at the optimum level.

Our services monitor the pipeline, product and activity on the line. Manned by our teams of experienced engineers who are trained to recognize unusual behaviour and solve problems, we get our client’s installations running at their optimum level as quickly as possible.

Our products include but aren’t limited to:
  • ATMOS PipeATMOS Simulation
  • ATMOS Wave Flow
  • ATMOS Tightness Monitor
  • ATMOS Maintenance
  • ATMOS Theft Net
  • ATMOS Rupture Detector
  • ATMOS Surge
  • ATMOS Trainer
  • ATMOS Batch
  • ATMOS Hydraulic Profiler
  • ATMOS Gas Management System
  • ATMOS PORTABLE Tightness Monitor
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