Solar Powered Air Compressors

Solar Powered Air Compressors (SPAC’s) are used with a range of process control and instrumentation equipment in a variety of applications.

Solar Powered Air Compressors provide an alternate air supply when traditional instrument air or gas systems may not be suited or convenient to use, due to location, filtration / conditioning requirements or moisture and hydrocarbons content.

Centralian Controls offers an engineered Solar Powered Air Compressor package, with a range of solar / battery, compressor and air receiver options.

Flexible control options are available, ranging from local “on/off” control or the ability to interface with site control and communications systems.

Quality components and proven fabrication techniques are used throughout to ensure long term reliability in harsh environments.

Solar Powered Air Compressor applications include –

  • Wellhead choke and pneumatic actuator supply.
  • Chemical injection pneumatic pump supply.
  • Test and production separators.

Each package is inspected, tested, leak checked and documented by trained, qualified and licensed personnel, to ensure correct operation prior to dispatch.

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