Cathodic Protection Controller

Centralian Controls is proud to represent AERL (Australian Energy Research Laboratories) for their CoolPro CATHODIC CONVERTER™ range of products. 

The CoolPro CATHODIC CONVERTER™ is an efficient and reliable high current DC-DC converter with an integrated Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) controller, ideal for use in remote solar powered applications.

The converter’s highly efficient design reduces component operating temperature and thermal cycling, prolonging the lifetime of the unit, even when deployed in the most extreme temperatures. Combined with a durable weatherproof enclosure, the CoolPro is an excellent choice for the harsh environments in which cathodic protection is often deployed.

The AERL CoolPro can also be operated in parallel, as a cost effective solution to protect even the largest metallic structure. Optional extras such as automatic Reference Cell Control and the AERL “Surge Buster” help to protect your investment and get the most out of your corrosion protection system.

Key Features

  • Super High Peak Power Efficiency > 98%
  • Ultra-low heat Thermal Design
  • Passive Cooling – Fan-less Design (CP15, CP30)
  • High Speed ON/OFF Control
  • On-board Surge Protection
  • Suitable for Conditions from -20 and +50°C
  • Reliable Design with IP65 Rating


  • CP15
  • CP30
  • CP40

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