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Optimise performance with the right motor and industrial drives.

Selection of the correct motor drive solution is crucial to ensure long term, trouble free performance.

Considerations when selecting a motor drive solution that will provide performance, value, longevity and lowest total cost of ownership include-

  • Process / Application
  • Motor Technology / Compatibility
  • Installation Environment (temperature, conformal coating, IP rating, RFI etc)
  • System Efficiency
  • Physical size considerations
  • Network Impact analysis
  • Field bus compatibility
  • Dedicated process protection and functionality

At Centralian Controls, we supply motor drive solutions that are optimised to each individual application. Our factory trained engineers review every application, to ensure the right solution is offered to the customer.

We do this in proud partnership with the industry leader in low voltage variable speed drives, Danfoss Drives. Providing 70 years combined experience with VACON® and VLT®  brands of AC drives it is easy to see why Centralian Controls is your first choice for motor drive solutions.

For further peace of mind, Centralian Controls, in conjunction with Danfoss Drives Australia, will offer support from, pre sales to  commissioning to end of life of the drive and have the facilities to repair and load test failed / damaged drives when the unlikely event may occur.

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Compact Drives

With a wide selection of compact drives suited for panel / switchboard installation, Centralian Controls can offer a solution that is most suited to every application.

Typically with IP20 / 21 ratings, these products can control the most basic applications to sophisticated stand alone functionality and can seamlessly integrate with fieldbus control.

Products include:

  • VACON 20 (0.25 – 18.5kW)
  • VLT FC51 MICRO DRIVE (0.18 – 22kW)
  • VLT FC280 MIDI DRIVE (0.37 – 22kW)

Industrial Drives

For demanding applications, Industrial drives provide the highest levels of performance, efficiency and flexibility. Centralian Controls have engineers experienced in selecting the correct industrial drive solution for all applications.

For applications that require – Regenerative ( AFE) , Low harmonic, Safety, Motion Control, Closed Loop Encoder and many other features.

In IP00 to IP66 ingress protection levels.

Performance, efficiency and ease of integration, supplied in power ranges up to 2000kW.

Products include:

  • VACON 100 INDUSTRIAL (0.55 – 800kW)
  • VACON NXP / NXC (0.55 – 2000kW)
  • VLT FC302 (0.25 – 1400kW)

Pump and Fan Drives

Dedicated Pump and Fan drives are fit for purpose and provide intelligent and optimised pump or fan control.  From a single stand-alone extraction fan to cascade controlled multi drive / multi pump systems, Centralian Controls has many years experience in selecting and configuring the correct solution for your pump and fan applications.

In IP00 to IP66 ingress protection levels.

Products include:

  • VACON 100 FLOW (0.55 – 800kW)
  • VLT FC202 (0.25 – 1400kW)
  • VLT FC102 (0.25 – 1400kW) (Fans, Pumps & Compressors)

Decentralised Drives and Motors

For maximum performance in extreme environments, Decentralised Drives provide protection from high pressure water, vibration levels, heat and dirt.

With full features allowing an intelligent stand alone drive system for outdoor use and maximum protection from harsh environments. Decentralised drives offer full flexibility in mounting location and unmatched levels of protection.

In IP66 ingress protection levels.

Products include:

  • VACON 100X (1.1 – 37kW)
  • VACON 20X (0.75 – 7.5kW)
  • VLT FCD 302 (0.37 – 3kW)
  • One Gear Drive (OGD) (PM motor with gearbox package)

Harmonic Filters

Due to the internal rectification of AC to DC voltage, Motor drives generate a non-sinusoidal input current. This is known as Harmonic Current Distortion (THDi). The distorted current waveform will flow into the supply impedance and generate Harmonic Voltage distortion (THDv)

Limits are imposed by network suppliers to the level of Harmonic Distortion (THDi or THDv) that a particular installation may contribute to the supply network.

This affect can also cause issues with generators as the current distortion flows through the alternators impedance.

Centralian Controls has experienced engineers who can review your project and recommend the most effective harmonic mitigation solution to ensure any limits are observed. From small IP20 individual requirements to large floor standing IP54 requirements we can offer both 3 and 4 wire solutions.

Output Filters

High peak voltage and extremely rapid voltage pulse rise times cause stress on motor windings and insulation. Modern motor manufacturers are aware of the impact that motor drives have on their products and typically supply products that can withstand these stresses.

However applications involving submersible pumps, long motor cables and older motors require verification that the drive will not cause damage to the motor insulation. If the motor manufacturer recommends protection the following options can be used as appropriate.

dU/dt Filters reduce the rate of voltage rise on the motor terminals and protect old or weak motor insulation against breakdown This can also be particularly important for short motor cables.

Sine Filters smooth the output voltage of a motor drive and reduce motor insulation stress. Bearing currents and noise development within the motor are also reduced.

Common Mode Cores, installed around the three motor phases (U, V, W) reduce high-frequency common-mode currents.

Soft Starters

In some instances, a variable speed motor drive may not be the correct choice for the application. Soft Starters provide a comprehensive solution for starting and stopping three phase asynchronous motors.

Integrated current transducers measure motor current and provide important data for optimal motor start and stop ramps. With the options of analogue or micro-processor based controllers we can provide solutions up to 1600A and with built in bypass contactor up to 961A.

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