Motor Drives

Selection of the correct motor drive solution is crucial to ensure long term, trouble free performance.

Considerations when selecting a motor drive solution that will provide performance, value, longevity and lowest total cost of ownership include-

  • Process / Application
  • Motor Technology / Compatibility
  • Installation Environment (temperature, conformal coating, IP rating, RFI etc)
  • System Efficiency
  • Physical size considerations
  • Network Impact analysis
  • Field bus compatibility
  • Dedicated process protection and functionality

At Centralian Controls, we supply motor drive solutions that are optimised to each individual application. Our factory trained engineers review every application, to ensure the right solution is offered to the customer.

We do this in proud partnership with the industry leader in low voltage variable speed drives, Danfoss Drives. Providing 70 years combined experience with VACON® and VLT®  brands of AC drives it is easy to see why Centralian Controls is your first choice for motor drive solutions.

For further peace of mind, Centralian Controls, in conjunction with Danfoss Drives Australia, will offer support from, pre sales to  commissioning to end of life of the drive and have the facilities to repair and load test failed / damaged drives when the unlikely event may occur.

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