Lightning Prevention

A device whose function is to prevent electric discharges by compensating the electric field and keeping it at equilibrium levels in which electric discharges cannot occur in the structures it protects, generating a lightning-free zone through a passive system that is energised by the atmosphere.

The CMCE SERTEC Protector aims to protect people, animals, structures, and facilities of any kind against electrical phenomena whose mode of transport is air.

We’ve all wondered why thunderstorms are so feared; The answer is that everyday

electronic devices are highly affected by the effects of lightning. Many of us will remember the recommendations to “unplug the TV in a storm” or “don’t use the phone”. Today this practice is almost impossible given the number of devices we have connected to the electrical network, telephone lines or data networks.

We hear news and on social media networks about accidents of people on beaches, public places and even inside their homes. News in the newspapers alert us, videos on the internet show us lightning strikes in buildings, vehicles and on people.

All this adds a new problem to the modern life we are all a part of. But what to do?

Based on the concepts originally conceived by the Nikola Tesla and the experience of years of studies in laboratories and field experimentation, Sertec have developed the CMCE Multiple Electric Field Compensator whose function is to compensate the electric field between ground and cloud in order to minimize lightning strikes.

Now it is possible to feel protected from thunderstorms; These devices act as an umbrella over us and our assets, reducing the chance of lightning strikes within their protection range to a minimum.

The CMCE, the balancing or compensating device for variable electric fields and electrostatic charge deionising is a Protection System that works against atmospheric discharges as well as being an electromagnetic fields protector that prevents the formation of the upward leader that occurs when lightning is about to strike. Defined as a passive collector system for electrostatic currents, its simple concept works by passing the collected charge to ground in harmless milliamperes. The operating principle is based on balancing or compensating the variable electric field existing in its environment, avoiding the generation of the upward leader in the device and structure that the device protects

It also MINIMIZES, significantly (60% -90%), the INDIRECT EFFECTS caused by lightning strikes in its surroundings, outside its coverage radius, since, in this case, it behaves like a thermal fuse, absorbing part of the lightning energy into heat by fusion of its internal components, minimising electromagnetic effects.

Guaranteed Protection efficiency:

99% reduction of direct lightning impact on the protected structure. In case of direct lightning

strike (1%) or indirect effects by externally induced overvoltage’s on the protected structure,

the CMCE behaves like a thermal fuse, absorbing part of the lightning energy in heat by

melting its components, reducing by the electromagnetic effects between 60% – 90%.

In addition to the lightning protection offered by the CMCE, SERTEC have also developed the advanced Storm 7 remote monitoring system which allows for real time monitoring of the atmospheric drainage of the CMCE and climate activity through the cloud-based platform. Parameter like electrical drainage, temperature, humidity and height above sea level as well as the status of your earthing system attached to the device. The Storm 7 also can also log the strength and distance of lightning strikes from the unit by measuring the EMP pulse generated for up to 40km from the CMCE unit making it a powerful tool in understanding the weather and conditions where it is deployed.

CMCE Model Range:

  • CMCE Nano – 25 metre protection radius
  • CMCE Home – 55 metre protection radius
  • CMCE 120 – 120 metre protection radius
  • CMCE AT 120 – 120 metre protection radius and designed for high temperature environment such as chimneys and distillation towers
  • CMCE Sertec UL – Greater deionising power for using in building, airports, electrical substations and sports fields for protection of up to 120 metres
  • High Resistance – 120 metre protection radius and designed for use in highly corrosive environments
  • CMCE High Vibration – 120 metre protection radius with an added anti fall system for high vibration structures
  • CMCE Graphene – 120 metre protection radius and developed for special application and military with a charge collector made of Graphene which makes the unit undetectable to radar and highly conductive
  • CMCE Twin Max – 100-meter protection radius, designed for extreme conditions where strikes are more likely to occur such as wind turbines and solar arrays.

SERTEC CMCE Marine Range:

  • Gold – Thanks to its small size and weight, it is also special for use in Small Boats, Sailboats and Marine Buoys
  • Platinum – For use in medium-sized fishing or expedition boats, Catamarans and Small yachts
  • Diamond – It is developed for maximum protection in Yachts, Cruises ships, Cargo ships and Military ships
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