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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the convergence of OT and IT creates unique challenges for industrial systems. At Centralian Controls, we’ve partnered with OPSWAT to provide tailored cyber security solutions that address the specific needs of your industry and infrastructure.

Our range of OPSWAT products includes MetaDefender for multi-scanning and threat intelligence in operational technology networks, and MetaAccess for endpoint and network protection. These solutions, along with others in our portfolio, cater to the OT, ICS, and industrial sectors, backed by OPSWAT’s expertise in advanced threat prevention.

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Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the right product for your needs while ensuring competitive pricing and comprehensive assessments. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier cyber security solutions backed by exceptional customer service, keeping your industrial systems and critical infrastructure protected. Explore our products and get in touch to learn more about safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets.

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MetaDefender Solutions

MetaDefender is a comprehensive suite designed to safeguard multiple data channels against cyber threats, using advanced detection and prevention techniques. This platform offers comprehensive protection from cyber threats, including viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber risks, providing users with a secure environment for their data.

MetaDefender Core

MetaDefender Core is a versatile cyber security solution that offers robust protection for your IT and OT environments. With its multi-scanning, data sanitisation (CDR), and vulnerability assessment capabilities, MetaDefender Core helps organisations safeguard their digital assets from a wide range of advanced threats. By combining multiple anti-malware engines and threat intelligence feeds, this comprehensive solution delivers real-time protection, ensuring the security of your critical infrastructure and maintaining business continuity.



MetaDefender Email Security

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security (on-premise) and MetaDefender Cloud Email Security (cloud) are both comprehensive solutions designed to protect your organisation’s email services from advanced cyber threats. It leverages multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and phishing detection technologies to prevent malware, ransomware, and targeted attacks from infiltrating your email systems.


MetaDefender Drive

MetaDefender Drive is a portable, secure USB drive designed to facilitate on-the-go file sanitisation and secure file transfer in both IT and OT environments. By utilising data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) and multi-scanning technologies, it effectively neutralises potential threats in files before they enter your network. Ideal for use in air-gapped and sensitive environments, MetaDefender Drive enables secure file exchange while minimising the risk of malware intrusion, ensuring that your organisation’s critical systems remain protected from cyber threats.


MetaDefender ICAP Server

MetaDefender ICAP Server integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide advanced threat prevention using ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) support. Designed for IT and OT environments, it leverages multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and vulnerability assessment to protect against advanced threats. By integrating with existing proxy servers and other ICAP-compatible solutions, MetaDefender ICAP Server ensures secure file transfer and enhances your organisation’s overall cyber security posture.


MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Kiosk is a digital security guard designed to inspect portable media for threats and prevent malware intrusion into your IT and OT networks. Acting as a checkpoint for devices such as USB drives and external hard drives, it utilises multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and vulnerability assessment to effectively detect and neutralise advanced threats. MetaDefender Kiosk not only enhances your organisation’s security but also helps maintain compliance with industry regulations by ensuring the safe transfer of files between networks and devices.


MetaDefender Vault

MetaDefender Vault is a secure storage solution for sensitive files, providing advanced threat prevention capabilities and ensuring data protection. The platform utilises multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and vulnerability assessment to safeguard files from advanced threats, while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. MetaDefender Vault enables organisations to securely store, share, and manage sensitive data, making it an essential tool for companies that handle confidential information and require robust cyber security measures.


MetaDefender USB Firewall

The MetaDefender USB Firewall is an industrial cyber security solution specifically designed to protect operational technology (OT) environments from USB-borne threats. By managing and securing USB device access, this solution prevents malware intrusion and ensures the safety of critical infrastructure systems. With its advanced threat prevention capabilities, including multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and vulnerability assessment, the MetaDefender USB Firewall is an essential tool for organisations operating in the OT, ICS, and industrial sectors, helping to maintain business continuity and protect valuable assets.


MetaAccess Solutions

MetaAccess offers a variety of products focused on endpoint and network protection, ensuring the security of your IT and OT environments.

MetaAccess Platform

MetaAccess is a comprehensive endpoint compliance and access control solution that provides real-time visibility into device security posture, ensuring that only compliant and trusted devices connect to your resources. This cloud-based solution enforces security policies and manages endpoint compliance, reducing the risk of breaches and improving overall network security.


MetaAccess NAC

MetaAccess Network Access Control (NAC) is a network access control solution that provides visibility into on-premises devices, blocking unauthorised access and ensuring compliance with policies. Available in both agent and agentless solutions, it integrates with third-party tools for automated threat prevention and enhanced reporting.


MetaAccess OT

MetaAccess OT is a specialised hardware solution for operational technology environments that extends secure access control and device compliance management. This dedicated appliance is specifically designed for OT networks, providing granular control and visibility over devices while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance for industrial systems.


Other Products

OPSWAT’s goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions that meet the diverse needs of different industries. These are additional offerings designed to cater to the IT, OT, ICS, and industrial sectors, all backed by OPSWAT’s expertise in advanced threat prevention.

NetWall USG

NetWall Unidirectional Security Gateway for IT and OT, or USG, provides advanced threat protection, secure file transfer, and network segmentation, thus helps maintain business continuity. Its comprehensive security features include multi-scanning, data sanitisation (Content Disarm & Reconstruction), and vulnerability assessment, making it an essential tool for organisations in need of robust cyber security measures across their IT and OT domains.


Netwall BSG

Similar to NetWall USG, NetWall BSG, or Bilateral Security Gateway, also provides advanced threat protection and secure file transfer. It supports real-time replication of Historian and SQL databases without compromising the security and integrity of your critical production systems, and without requiring data retransmission.



OTfuse is a specialised hardware that offers real-time protection for industrial automation assets and endpoint devices by sitting in line between protected devices and workstations. It learns and assembles policies using allowlists and traffic flows on various protocols such as Modbus, Ethernet IP, and S7, and interfaces with Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to alert operators promptly.


Neuralyzer is an AI-based cybersecurity product for OT personnel that safeguards OT networks through asset discovery, inventory management, network visibility, vulnerability and risk management, network monitoring, and threat detection. It helps critical infrastructure organizations defend against cyber threats and comply with regulatory security requirements.


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