Cyber Security for Critical Environments

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the convergence of OT and IT creates unique challenges for industrial systems. At Centralian Controls, we’ve partnered with OPSWAT to provide products that solve customer challenges with critical lines of defence across every level of their infrastructure.


The MetaDefender Platform: A comprehensive solution that covers IT, OT, and ICS.

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Peripheral Media

MetaDefender Kiosk

Trust at the Point of Entry

OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk is your digital security guard. Available in multiple form factors to meet your portable media security needs and support compliance requirements, the Kiosk series scans more than 20 types of removable media and supports a wide array of file systems to keep your critical networks safe from removable media threats.


MetaDefender Media Firewall

Next-Level Removable Media Security Enforcement for Critical Systems

MetaDefender Media Firewall works with MetaDefender Kiosk as a simple, plug-and-play appliance to secure critical host systems from the threats of removable media-borne cyberattacks—without tampering with their integrity.

MetaDefender Media Firewall ensures that boot sectors and file contents of inserted portable media are inspected, audited, sanitised, and approved prior to use.


MetaDefender Drive

Trust in the Palm of Your Hand

Boot any computer from MetaDefender Drive’s built-in operating system for advanced analysis without software installation. Scan the entire device for malware, vulnerabilities, and overall integrity.

Deep forensic analysis is conducted on every possible file and detailed threat reports pinpoint which files need to be removed and remediated.

Software Supply Chain
OPSWAT SBOM – Automated SBOM Generation for Code and Containers

Stay compliant and secure in the software supply chain. With OPSWAT Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), developers can identify known vulnerabilities, validate licenses, and generate component inventory for open-source software (OSS), third-party dependencies, and containers.

Cross Domain
OPSWAT NetWall – Next-Level Security Gateway Solutions

OPSWAT NetWall Optical Diode and Security Gateways provide access to real-time OT data and enable secure data transfer to OT environments, while defending the OT environment from network borne threats.

Read Use Cases
Advanced Email Security – A New Approach to Email Security

OPSWAT Email Security Solutions feature unique capabilities that protect email more effectively and reduce risks to enterprises and critical infrastructure.

OPSWAT Email Security Solutions defend email at an advanced level, whether in the cloud or on-premises, helping to protect against sophisticated attacks, including undisclosed vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits, and malware.

Access and Endpoint
MetaDefender IT-OT Access – Previously Known as MetaAccess

MetaDefender IT-OT Access is a solution for providing advanced endpoint compliance and zero trust access, giving your organisation secure network access.

screenshot metaaccess dashboard overview

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