CP-PRO and CI-Tools

The CP-Pro is a fully automated, GPS synchronised, CP Survey instrument capable of taking precise Instant-Off measurements and even providing a synchronised high impedance field oscilloscope.

CI-Tools is an entire asset management tool in your back pocket, direct integration to the CP-Pro allows field surveys to be completed with ease.

The CP-Pro measures the protected asset’s potential more than 600 times a second. Using precision GPS timing and powerful data analytics, a highly accurate instant-off potential is automatically measured and recorded.


Additionally, AC potentials, On-Potential, a trace of the interrupt signature, comments, photos and more, are also recorded to a database of your CP testpoints and assets. The CP-Pro connects wirelessly to your mobile phone and interfaces to the CI-Tools app to streamline the whole survey process. This interface allows the system to be extremely powerful yet, exceedingly simple and intuitive to use.

In-field validation and graphing are possible with a couple of swipes or taps.



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