WIN-911 Merges with SyTech, Debuts as SmartSights

In a significant move for the industrial technology sector, WIN-911, a leading provider of industrial monitoring, alerting, and notification software, and an esteemed partner of Centralian Controls, has acquired SyTech. Known for their advanced reporting software that efficiently transforms raw process data into actionable insights, SyTech has carved a niche for itself since its inception in 1994.

This acquisition marks a new chapter for both companies as they integrate under the brand name “SmartSights”. The synergy of WIN-911 and SyTech under the SmartSights umbrella signifies more than just a merger—it emphasises a shared vision and commitment to empower businesses with cutting-edge operational intelligence.

Greg Jackson, the newly appointed CEO of SmartSights, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, “The capabilities of our combined organisation herald a transformative phase in providing real-time insights to our customers. Our aim is to redefine decision-making processes and boost overall efficiency in the sector. With SmartSights, we’re looking ahead to setting new industry benchmarks.”

One of the key aspects of this merger is SmartSights’ collaboration with Capstreet, a renowned Houston-based private equity firm. With a rich legacy of investments in pivotal tech platforms, Capstreet’s involvement underscores the merger’s promise to usher in a new era of operational intelligence integrated into critical infrastructure management.

SyTech’s flagship product, XLReporter, an industrial reporting platform, has garnered worldwide acclaim, serving a diverse clientele including top-tier Fortune 500 companies. Its integration into SmartSights’ offerings further consolidates the brand’s position as a one-stop solution for data-driven analytics, reports, and timely notifications.

Rick Pleczko, CEO of Capstreet Operating Executive Group and Executive Chair at SmartSights, commented on the merger: “At the heart of SmartSights lies the mission to integrate operational intelligence into critical infrastructure management. This is the future—equipping businesses to not only adapt but excel in a rapidly evolving landscape.”

The launch of SmartSights serves as a beacon for industries, reiterating the pivotal role of data analytics and real-time reporting in shaping the future of business decisions. With a comprehensive view into critical infrastructure management, SmartSights aims to help its clients swiftly resolve problems, reduce wastage, and optimise costs—ensuring heightened operational performance.

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