Queensland Charges Ahead with Australia’s First Hydrogen-Ready Power Plant, Powered by GE Vernova

In a landmark move towards a greener future, Queensland embarks on launching its first hydrogen-ready power station, the Brigalow Peaking Power Plant. This pioneering project, powered by GE Vernova’s advanced LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative technology, is setting the stage for an innovative energy transformation in alignment with the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

Brigalow Peaking Power Plant, poised to become operational in 2026, represents a significant stride in Queensland’s journey towards a sustainable economy. The plant is designed to initially run on a 35 percent green hydrogen mix, setting a clear trajectory to escalate to 100 percent hydrogen utilisation within the decade. This initiative not only supports the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan but also reinforces the state’s commitment to combating climate change.

GE Vernova, a name that has become synonymous with cutting-edge power solutions, confirmed the collaboration with CS Energy, a Queensland Government-owned powerhouse, which secured a 12-unit order of GE Vernova’s LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative gas turbines. This order marks a pivotal moment for the Western Downs Region, set to receive up to 400 megawatts of reliable energy—enough to power over 150,000 homes during peak demand.

Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Mick de Brenni, emphasised the strategic importance of the Brigalow Peaking Power Plant, “This facility is more than just a power plant; it’s a testament to Queensland’s proactive stance on climate action. The plant, which can power up to full capacity in just five minutes, exemplifies our dedication to transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards the vast potential of green hydrogen.”

The Kogan Clean Energy Hub, where the Brigalow Peaking Power Plant will be situated, is also home to the Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant, which will serve as the initial source of green hydrogen for the facility.

Darren Busine, CEO of CS Energy, highlighted the operational excellence of the new plant, “The Brigalow Peaking Power Plant will not only support our grid with its rapid start/stop capabilities but also aligns with our vision of creating clean energy hubs that promote a reliable transition to renewable sources while nurturing skill development among our workforce.”

Australia’s energy landscape is evolving, with renewable sources gaining momentum. However, the transition necessitates the support of efficient gas turbine technology like GE Vernova’s to stabilise the grid. This collaboration between CS Energy and GE Vernova is a testament to the collective effort to ensure grid stability as the nation transitions to sustainable energy sources.

Eric Gray, CEO of GE Vernova’s Gas Power business, reiterated the company’s commitment to sustainable power solutions, “As we advance our technology towards near-zero carbon emissions, integrating hydrogen-friendly solutions into our offerings is key. We’re proud to support CS Energy on this groundbreaking venture, marking a significant leap in Queensland’s renewable energy aspirations.”

The LM2500XPRESS units, set to be assembled in GE Vernova’s Manufacturing Excellence Center in Veresegyhaz, Hungary, represent over 120 million hours of operational excellence. Their compact design and rapid deployment capabilities ensure they are a robust solution for modern grids with high renewable penetration.

As GE Vernova continues to lead the energy transition with Power, Wind, and Electrification businesses, its innovative approach remains grounded in a legacy of quality and ingenuity. The company’s commitment, embodied in the new brand GE Vernova, is to electrify and decarbonise the world, creating an energy future that is both sustainable and secure.

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