OPSWAT’s NetWall and MetaDefender Kiosk Admitted to Emerson’s Renowned DeltaV™ Alliance Program

OPSWAT, a global leader in critical infrastructure protection (CIP) solutions, recently announced that two of their key products – NetWall Optical Diode Security Gateways and MetaDefender Kiosk – have been accepted into Emerson’s prestigious DeltaV Alliance Program.

Emerson’s DeltaV system holds a crucial role in the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) sector as it is esteemed for its sophisticated automation proficiencies. A central player in the process control industry, the DeltaV system empowers businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and elevate safety standards. To bolster this system’s capabilities and compatibility, Emerson has established the DeltaV Alliance Program.

This Alliance Program is centred around collaborating with select, top-tier companies to curate a network of third-party products that are proven for their interoperability. This approach aims to stabilise deployed solutions, ensuring formal support and reducing associated risks, costs, and implementation timelines for their customers. Membership within the DeltaV Alliance Program is exclusive, limited only to those recognized as industry leaders for their superior products, services, and expertise.

Being part of the DeltaV Alliance Program means that OPSWAT’s NetWall and MetaDefender Kiosk have successfully met Emerson’s rigorous testing and validation processes for compatibility, demonstrating their capacity to work seamlessly with the DeltaV system.

The OPSWAT NetWall is an optical diode security gateway, primarily designed to protect industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks. It provides unidirectional data flow control, a critical factor in maintaining cyber security integrity within industrial systems. Unlike traditional firewalls, the NetWall guarantees absolute network segment separation, allowing data to pass in one direction only, and thus ensuring a higher level of protection against cyber threats.

On the other hand, the MetaDefender Kiosk is a comprehensive cyber security solution focused on preventing digital threats carried on portable media devices, such as USB drives. These devices are often used as vectors for cyberattacks on isolated or air-gapped networks. The MetaDefender Kiosk addresses this by acting as a digital security guard, offering deep content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) and multi-scanning technology to detect and eliminate potential threats before they penetrate the network.

The acceptance of NetWall and MetaDefender Kiosk into the Emerson DeltaV Alliance Program marks a significant step forward for OPSWAT. It enhances the credibility of OPSWAT’s solutions within the industrial sector and expands their accessibility among organizations working with Emerson’s DeltaV system. As OPSWAT continues to push the boundaries of industrial cyber security, this alliance affirms their commitment to providing top-tier security solutions for industrial control systems.

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