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Exclusive Cyber Security Promotions for the Remainder of 2023

In a digital landscape haunted by cyber threats, safeguarding your business is not a choice—it’s a necessity.

MetaDefender Cloud Email Security:

Protect your inbox from a variety of digital threats aiming to disrupt operations. Advanced anti-spam and dynamic anti-phishing technologies sift through incoming messages with surgical precision. Additionally, cutting-edge CDR prevention-based technology blocks zero-day attacks. Multi-scanning technology stops malicious content in its tracks, and proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) ensures sensitive information remains secure. Real-time threat analysis continually assesses risk levels to avoid unwanted surprises. Learn more.

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Byte Guard:

Don’t let human error be your downfall. Byte Guard provides a comprehensive platform designed to reduce human risk by raising awareness and skill levels. Cyber security awareness training educates teams on essential protocols, while phishing simulations offer practical, risk-free testing. The platform also enables active response to phishing emails. To make the training engaging, gamification elements are integrated into the modules. Learn more.

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Penetration Testing:

Experience the most realistic threat simulation with our penetration testing—a hacker on your company’s network. This advanced service not only identifies vulnerabilities but also exploits them to show the potential damage an attacker could inflict. From performing man-in-the-middle attacks and cracking password hashes to escalating network privileges and impersonating users, the service offers a comprehensive security assessment. The goal is to go beyond merely identifying weak points by actually demonstrating what happens if an attacker gains network access. Learn more.

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