A Triumphant Trio: Reflecting on a Month of Industry-Leading Events

As the month of May takes its final bow, we at Centralian Controls find ourselves pausing to reflect on a whirlwind of activity that has shaped the course of our year so far. This month has been a marathon of participation and presentation in three significant industry events, each unique in its focus yet united by a common thread – the exploration and celebration of technological innovation.

These events, filled with a range of industry professionals, have not only allowed us to share our expertise but also opened up a myriad of opportunities for us to learn from others, ultimately enhancing our understanding of the industries we serve and the issues they face. Each gathering has left an indelible mark on us, and it’s with a sense of pride and accomplishment that we share our experiences.

APPEA 2023: Exploring the Future of Energy (15th-18th of May)

The first stop on our journey through May was the illustrious APPEA 2023. Widely acknowledged as a pivotal event in the oil and gas sector, it welcomed professionals from around the globe to explore the future of energy together. APPEA 2023’s theme of ‘essential, relevant, and must-attend’ couldn’t have been more accurate. The event was a hotbed of progressive thought, innovative ideas, and insightful discussions.

Centralian Controls was proud to be part of this dynamic forum, showcasing our capabilities and solutions designed for the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry. The wealth of knowledge shared, the industry trends identified, and the diverse range of viewpoints we encountered have undoubtedly left an indelible imprint on our strategic approach moving forward.

Wine Technology Expo: Unearthing New Opportunities in the Wine Industry (24th of May)

Following our engaging experience at APPEA 2023, we turned our focus towards the enchanting world of wine at the Wine Technology Expo. This event brought together winemaking and technology, two spheres that have been increasingly intertwined over the years.

As Centralian Controls shared its advanced solutions tailored for the sector, the response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, affirming our commitment to the industry. The rich dialogue and shared experiences enhanced our understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the world of winemaking.

And for those who missed out on the Wine Technology Expo or just can’t get enough of the intersection of wine and technology, the upcoming Wine Eng 2023 is a must-attend event. Scheduled for the 26th and 27th of July, this conference promises to take the discussion forward and delve deeper into the future of the industry. Find more details and secure your spot via the EventBrite link here.

Maximising Additive Manufacturing: Showcasing the Power of Collaboration (29th of May)

The month culminated with the Maximising Additive Manufacturing event, a testament to the transformative potential of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. Despite the challenge of inclement weather, attendees turned up in full spirit, their enthusiasm undeterred. The event space was buzzing with excitement, filled with compelling demonstrations and insightful discussions about the revolutionary impact of additive manufacturing on various industries.

The event was a compelling example of the power of collaboration, particularly between Centralian Controls, Central Innovation, and Markforged. It underlined how, when industry pioneers come together, the resulting synergy can lead to extraordinary advancements, capable of revolutionising traditional manufacturing processes.

Each of these events, while catered to different sectors, revolved around the power of technology and the value of collaboration. As we bid farewell to May, we carry with us the enriching experiences and learnings from these events. Inspired and energised, we continue our journey into the rest of the year, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and strengthening the connections we’ve made within the industry.


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